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Feb 20 2012

The Homework Problem

Do you assign your students homework? If yes, how much? And do they actually do it?
Please answer in as much detail as you think will be useful. Looking ahead to the fall, when I’ll actually be in charge of my own classroom, I’m wondering what’s a realistic expectation for student homework. I’m thinking TFA’s “high expectation” rhetoric will result in my students getting an hour of homework from my class every night–which is great, if they actually do it. Right now I’m teaching in a high-performing school in the suburbs and it’s still difficult to get students to do their homework. What’s the best way to implement a homework plan in your classroom? Any ideas or suggestions? I’ve had tons of jaded teachers tell me to “just not assign it” and I remember a few classes in high school where I never got homework. This does seem wrong to me. So…

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Feb 17 2012

“Don’t take it personally.”

I think this is great advice for teachers, especially those working in the lower grades. You know, kids say the darndest things, right? But, of course, it’s easier said than done. And something I’ve been struggling with lately in my internship. By far the worst day so far was on Tuesday (coincidentally, Valentine’s day). I…

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Jan 25 2012


In preparation for this summer, I’m hoping to frame my student teaching internship in the context of the work I’ll doing at Institute, and ultimately the work I’ll be doing in my classroom for TFA. This is especially necessary considering I’ve been placed in ESL, but my licensure is in English and I’m currently in…

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Jan 22 2012

Ready for the Trenches

I’m sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, in my coziest pajamas with a mug of green tea and the Caps-Pens game on the TV. Talk about a perfect day. This blog post is one part meditation, for me to think deeply about what’s ahead in my life (don’t you just love how writing lets you…

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Nov 13 2011

Parents, TFA. TFA, Parents.


My parents live about an hour and a half from where I go to school. I always felt like this was the perfect distance–far enough that I can maintain my independence, but close enough to have their help when I need it (I’ll admit–it’s quite often). I know how lucky I am to have parents…

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Nov 11 2011

The Great Work begins.


Welcome to Teach For Us. Welcome to Teach For America. Welcome to Kansas City. Welcome to Real Life. About an hour ago, I officially accepted my offer to join the 2012 corps in Kansas City, MO. I’ve been offered to teach ESL (6-12), but I’ve been told that this could change. The important thing is…

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